When Do I Need New Tires?

Written by Brotherhood Garage

November 24, 2020

Have any plans to visit extended family during the holidays? 

Make sure your car is in tip-top shape to go over the bridge and through the woods, to grandmas house. Before hitting the road, consider getting your tires checked out by a professional!
Having the proper tire pressure is crucial to safety. Only second to the brakes, the tires are the most important safety devices of your car.

The more you drive, the more wear and tear your tires experience, and you will have to eventually replace them. The important thing is knowing when you need to get new tires. Here are several signs to look out for when considering how much life is left in your tires.


You do not want your tires to look smooth. New tires have deep grooves that are worn down over time. Treadless tires have no grip when driving down the road and this has proven to be dangerous. Threats on the road such as rain, ice, and potholes can take you off course with little control.
Worn treads also make things like glass and nails on the road puncture your tire! Worn down tires are thinner and easier to pop. 

If you don’t know whether or not your treads are worn enough to get your tires changed, try the classic penny test! Take the coin and insert it into a tread groove. Use Lincoln’s face on the coin as a unit of measurement as you slip it downwards into the grooves. Then, if the tread ridge hides part of Lincoln’s head, your tread depth is still in good shape. If Lincoln’s head is still visible, your tread is worn and ready for replacing.


Tires are not immortal and do have a life expectancy. When purchasing tires you may find that most manufacturers offer tread wear guarantees of 60,000 miles. However, they highly recommend replacing your tires every 6 to 10 years.
Even if your tread is healthy, a long life outside can still weaken your tires. You should be aware of natural processes such as; oxidation, cracking, and warping due to temperature changes.

Get New Tires!

If you expect to be doing a lot of driving to visit family and friends this season, you will want to make sure your car can handle the cold or other elements. If your tires show the obvious signs of wear-down then you should go ahead and buy a new set. Drive with caution if you suspect your vehicle has tires that are over 6 years of age and go ahead and take it to a shop if you think they are past their expiration.

The mechanics at Brotherhood Garage can ensure that your car is serviced and maintained, to keep you and your family safe on the road. If you need help taking care of your tires, feel free to ask us for help. If you would like to make an appointment, call (405) 265-7617 today.

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